Assessment Collection

Garfinkel Law understands that the timely collection of owner assessments are important to the financial health of your community. When these assessments become delinquent, we make it our job to assist your association with recovering the amounts due while making the process as hassle-free as possible for you.

Garfinkel Law provides you with the option of having us advance all fees and costs through the delinquent assessment collection process. This means Garfinkel Law will defer ALL billing of fees and advance ALL costs, including: lien fees; court filing fees; and service of process fees, until the completion of your assessment collection matter. In most cases, your association will not receive a bill from us unless we are unable to collect from the owner or by other means. The advancement of fees and costs option further aligns our interests with the interests of your community. We will ensure that the recovery of your delinquent assessments are handled attentively and swiftly since we are not paid until your collection matter is finalized.



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