Legislative Alert: Make The Call

May 2, 2017 | mgadmin

This Friday, Florida’s 2017 Legislative Session will come to a close, if the House and Senate agree to a state budget.

After a whirlwind nearly sixty days, and thousands of pieces of proposed legislation, only the bills with the most support survived. A relative handful made it through numerous committee hearings, amendments, language changes, horse trading, and floor votes of the full House and Senate. Survival of the fittest, legislatively speaking.

Following years of negotiations with all sides and with bill sponsors, important estoppel legislation made it to the House and Senate floors last week. The Community Association Network and our advocacy partners supported this legislation, which included many, many changes to protect community associations, directors, homeowners, and managers.

Thanks to your phone calls and emails to lawmakers last week, both bills passed their final votes, and are now headed to Governor Rick Scott’s desk for his signature or veto.

Those who know the legislative process can’t say this enough: your voice will now decide whether Governor Scott signs the Estoppel bills, or not.

We need your help once again to make sure the Estoppel legislation becomes law. Nothing is more effective than real people speaking up on public policy that impacts them, so please take five minutes to contact Governor Scott today:

  • Email rick.scott@eog.myflorida.com, let him know you speak for community associations and homeowners, and ask him to please sign HB 483 and SB 398- the Estoppel Bill on his desk.
  • Please call Governor Scott’s office at 850-717-9337 and ask.

While no legislation is perfect, these bills represent several years of hard work from CAN, professional advocates, and House and Senate members dedicated to finding a solution that works for everyone. So Make The Call and help bring this GOOD ESTOPPEL BILL over the finish line.

As always, thanks for all that you do.

Yours in community,

Alan Garfinkel
Community Association Network (CAN)
Chairman of the Board of Directors


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