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April 24, 2017 | mgadmin

After a short Easter holiday workweek, our lawmakers are back in Tallahassee for the home-stretch.

Final Vote is imminent on our monumentally important legislation for community associations-the Estoppel Bill.

After several years of close calls, negotiations and compromise from all sides, the Estoppel Bill cleared the House Judiciary Committee, and now heads for a final vote on the House (of Representatives) floor. CAN and our advocacy partners wish to thank the bill sponsors for working with us and truly listening to our members.

Our work isn’t done though. With the Estoppel Bill heading to the floor vote, we need all our CAN members to call their State Representative and encourage them to VOTE YES. Your emails and calls on behalf of ALL Florida’s community associations and homeowners was crucial before. Now you can help pass this important legislation by ensuring your voice is heard once again.

Here’s how to help:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your home address.
  3. Email your State Representative and ask them to vote YES on House Bill 483 and Senate Bill 398.
  4. Once you’ve emailed, please consider calling and/or emailing your Representative, as well.

When our Estoppel Bill passes the House, it will head to the Governor’s desk for his consideration. Your support will help create good law for community associations.

In other legislative news this week, HB 1237 by Representative Diaz passed the House Judiciary Committee unanimously. CAN and our partners thank Chair Diaz and his staff for removing new criminal penalties originally in his bill, and for continuing to work with CAN on improving this bill affecting Boards of Directors.

We continue to advocate for additional technical amendments, and hope to see those incorporated as other bills head for full vote in the House.

The 1000 day HOME TAX WAR was trying, saw intrigue, suspense and close calls. But… we are now so close to VICTORY. Please help us pass this law. As always, nothing is over in the Florida Legislature until the handkerchiefs literally drop, an age-old tradition we’ll explain later. Remember to take five minutes today to ask your Representative to vote yes on the Estoppel Bill – when lawmakers hear from their constituents, it makes all the difference.

Yours in community,

Alan Garfinkel
Community Association Network (CAN)
Chairman of the Board of Directors


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